Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quilt Along & OOPS #1

Unfortunately I am a little
behind on the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along.
This is week 4
which means I should be assembling my quilt.
and I am...
kind of...
Well I will be...

But I have to say that I am a quilting goddess!
I mean I was BORN to quilt!!

Well it seems I'm at least born to cut fabric anyway.

It was going sooo great.
I'm quick.

Like lightning.

I've got that Rotary Cutter trained.
I am the MASTER.

and then...

OOPS { uh oh }


well my fabric is cute,


** note to self:
buy new measuring tape


Heather said...

Hey you are further than me - I just ordered the most fun fabric from Etsy - I wasn't going to particpate but then I joined the Flickr group and well I just have to do this - so off the Etsy in search of the perfect material - now I just have to wait for it to arrive. Have fun - looks good so far.

Sandra said...

Thank you thank give me hope!! I'm still just thinking about participating too...I have some jelly rolls,so the cutting is done, be continued;)

Melody said...

Ooh, I do love all those fabrics! The combination is great, I can't wait to see the finished quilt! And hey, at least it wasn't a finger ;) hehe

djaj said...

I just missed this message...
Thanks for making me laugh, congratulation for your patience for quilting (is there a "how to" somewhere ? I'd love to try but don't know how to start...)
And congratulation for your humour and style !