Monday, June 15, 2009

A little fabric can go a long way...

Our poor bathroom needed something.
The right something,
the wrong something...
it just was...lacking...
so I had a frame.
This frame.

Albeit lovely...
it was on the empty side of life

"But LOOK!
it's not empty" you say.

And you are so right.
But I didn't fill it with pictures.
That would have been boring.
I filled it with lovely fabrics from
one of my favourite Etsy fabric shops
She has this great listing called
It basically allows you to pick 6 fabrics
and she sends you a 9 x 11" cut of each.
Just the perfect size for me to fill my frame
and try out some other really cool fabrics!


much better :)


sewtakeahike said...

great idea Kelly! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love it. I want to do something like this, showcasing my favorite fabrics.

Sandra said...

Great idea,beautiful fabric,nice colours...

Heather said...

Looks awesome - I just love Etsy - but it can be so dangerous - I think my "Favourite" list is quite long now.

Sophia Aster said...

I LOVE that orange mum fabric! I bought yards and yards of it when I saw it on sale at my favorite online fabric store. What a great idea for bathroom decor, too.