Monday, June 22, 2009

a little something...

I've started something and now
I can't seem to stop...

Vanessa from

started something when she sent me this

I had been nervous to attempt it
based on the fact that I've never
cross stitched.


needle worked.



To be honest,
the only floss I've ever worked with
is for teeth....

yes--I do floss my teeth

you should too!
It promotes healthy gums and
fights bad breath.

(I'm a certified Dental Assistant and a little passionate about teeth. Um. yeah.)

it doesn't look like this stuff though.


Well now I'm hooked!

Here's a sneak peak of the applique

Just waiting for my mom
to arrive in Canada with my
$5.99 a yard

It truly pays to have a mom living in the United States

The exact same batting in Canada is $16 a metre!!!!

and it NEVER goes on sale!

and NEVER for $5.99!

so yes,

I bought 10 yards.

hey--I've got plans


and yes,
my mother is already bringing lots of fabric goodies with her

and yes,
she is already wondering where the dog is going to sit

but that's what we do for our children,
isn't it?

going out of our way for them.
make the dog sit in the back seat.
you know,
stuff like that.

that and
allowing your daughter to use your American address
so that she can save $$$ on shipping.

and then drive it all down to her.

and of course,
have a visit too!

Thanks MOM!

and thank you Vanessa for your kindness!
You've created a monster!


Heather said...

Lucky you!!! I actually just recieved my fabric in the mail so next is cutting - I'm excited!!! I may just have to go to Joannes in the States to get me some Warm and Natural.

Christie said...

Your Mum is ACE!!!!

SophiaAster said...

Oooh...great new project! I have been obsessed with embroidery since I was a little girl.

(P.S. I couldn't agree more about the flossing. My dental assistant sister got to me years ago!)