Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear John

Dear DAD,
It's been awhile since you've left us and I miss you terribly.
I know you wouldn't want me to spend time missing you
but I can't help it.
Especially when you are there in my face everyday;
in one way or another.
Remember the blanket I made for you
when you were cold 3 Christmas's ago?
The one made out of felted wool sweaters?
That's right,
the grey one.
Your favourite "colour"
(because you were colour blind LOL!)

Well I was going to wash it.
The kids love sitting under it to watch their favourite movies.
(Mostly the ones you bought for Pumpkin.)
And well this week they had popcorn as a snack;
(they love their popcorn--almost as much as you did!)
And it made quite a mess on the blanket.
And then the dog laid on it when we watched a movie
the other night.
And she's shedding.
Well, I went to bring it upstairs and Pumpkin wouldn't let me wash it.
She refused to.
I asked her why?
"Because it smells like Papa! Don't wash him away, Mom."

Even though the blanket has been washed numerous
times since Mom gave it back to me...
I didn't wash it.
I guess we all miss you.
your favourite (only) daughter

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Christie said...


I can't imagine how you feel, he must have been a great man to be missed like that...

Sounds like he would be pretty happy about everyone eating popcorn, snuggled under his blanket