Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To a little girl...

Someone once said,
(I have no idea who)
"To give a child a gift, you will be remembered. To give a child the gift of handmade, you will be cherished."

Well, it must be true.
My sweet daughter loves stuffies.
She has since birth.
For Easter I wanted to make some bunnies using the fabulous Cashmere Bunny tutorial from Betz White.
Don't you LOVE Betz White.

She was my inspiration to get back into crafting.
So much so that I promptly went out and spent $30 on sweaters at the local thrift store the same afternoon that I discovered her sweet cupcake pincushions.

Well, she has been quite the inspiration to me.
So off I went to my sweater stash to find the most delicious sweater to turn into this fuzzy bunny.

Well, Pumpkin took one look at the finished project and promptly claimed it for herself.

Now I have to admit,
I often have trouble sharing.
Especially when I was sooo pleased with the result.

So I sent her down to find the perfect pieces to design her own bunny from my sweater pile.
Well she was tickled.
So Twitchy was born.
He looked better when he was first made, but this bunny has seen the love.
He's been squished, squashed, thrown up on and dropped in the mud.
Yet he washes beautifully and has his own place in Pumpkin's arms each night.
All other toys put aside, he's been claimed as the favourite.

And why you might ask her?
"Because I knew he was cozy when he was just a sweater, mommy."



Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Cozy cozy bunnies!! Love them.
Thanks for coming by my blog.
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Thanks for not making write the weird word.

Julie Isa said...

Very cute indeed! Thanks for the link, I hadn't heard of her before!

Dana said...

She is a lucky girl indeed!