Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Have your cake...

And eat it, too!
I put a lot of planning into my kids birthdays.
Every year I have a theme.
My mom used to make us the best cakes.
My friends still talk about my childhood birthday parties!
They were fabulous!
My parents pulled out all the stops!
Here are the cakes my kiddos have had on their big day!

Pumpkin's 2nd birthday was a rubber ducky theme
(her 1st birthday was back before digital cameras--it was a polka dot cake)

This lovely lady was the cake and the present for Pumpkin's 3rd Birthday bash!

What's better than a pretend sleepover when you turn 4
(the tutorial for this cake can be found here)

And this friendly Croc was the hit of the party

when my little man turned 1 year old!

(tutorial for mr. crocodile here)

(adapted from this tutorial here)

Hubby has a big family so we had quite a few mouths to feed.
And a lot of little mouths at that.
So we opted to have little cuppies instead.
Don't worry.
We did eat the Croc later with my family.
So, Bubby has a big #2 birthday at the end of July.
I'm normally all over this but I have to confess
I haven't thought much about it.

Probably because I've been planning this since last year!
Care for a piece of cake?


Carol said...

Kel, I just bought a book about making/decorating kids cakes. It has a lot of great ideas- I will loan it to you. Perhaps you'll find some inspiration in it!

Lauranie said...

My birthday is in January so you have some time! :D What an AWESOME mommy you are!! I buy cakes like that for my kids, does that count? We have an excellent "cake lady"!

Capital Mom said...

Amazing cakes. It makes me want to try soemthing other than plain old cupcakes for the next birthday.