Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quilt Along with Old Red Barn Co.

I am literally on the edge of my seat with anticipation!
Have you signed up for the Quilt Along?

Not only are there prizes but
is going to teach you how to quilt!

And if you already know how
then you will learn a new pattern,
get out of your using a quilt pattern rut,
or at the very least

use up some very fun fabric from your stash.
I know you've got some :)

Well I guess I've figured out what to do with these sheets!

But Dana is using 12 different fabrics
and I only have 7
or 8 if you include white
(which I'm not)

So what is a girl to do?

Go shopping!

With 2 kiddos it's hard to get out

and really browse for that perfect fabric.

So I decided to do a little internet shopping...

which I happen to like as much

if not MORE than the real thing!

I happened upon a great little ETSY shop called
Down Shadow Lane

Jen has a very extensive variety of fabrics.

And great prices too!

Her clearance is full of good stuff, alone!

I picked up this great Argyle from her.

I hope it's not too minty for my other fabrics
but it called my name!
As did this lovely lime mini dot.

It is definately the right shade!

And this Basketweave from the Katie Jump Rope line!
Too cute!
It'll be nice to have some designer fabric in there.
And lastly this taupe polka dot.

I think I'm becoming partial to polka dots.

Don't you just love their hAp HazZaRd nEss?
Oooh. That was hard on the eyes :)
But these polka dots aren't!
I just need one more fabric and a quilting ruler
and then I'm all set!

Hope my fabric arrives in time for Week #2 of Quilt Along.

Jen sent it out right away for me.
See? She's so efficient.

I love online fabric shopping :)

Who am I kidding?!

I just LOVE shopping!


nicola said...

thanks for visiting my blog and i am sort of trying to do the quilt along. (i can tell i haven't fully committed out of fear and lack of time....never quilted before!) but THANK You for the links, because i don't have enough fabric, either, and we are doing a buy nothing new (or at least buy it from an independent seller if new)!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your new fabrics! I have a weakness for polka dots too!