Friday, May 8, 2009

Second Hand glory

I love a deal.
A bargain, if you like.

And second hand shops--
Well, they're more like playing at shopping.
I love it!

More BANG for your BuCK!

It's like practice makes perfect.
Everything is affordable, and often, was wonderful in its own right at one time.

You just have to get there before someone else does.
We have 2 shops in our town to buy second hand items.
They are side by side!
I'm thankful every day for living in a town with 2 second hand shops.
It's wonderful!

So, wanna' see some of my finds?
Thought you might.

Isn't this gumball machine a beauty?!

I was smitten the moment I laid eyes on it.

It's going to go in the kiddos bathroom as soon as I can convince hubby that it's a good idea.

He'll like it. It just has to grow on him.

He has to see it with gumballs in it and a shower curtain with appliques in this fabric.

(I purchased this fabric for an awesome deal from Liko18 on Etsy--I think she has some left if you hurry!)

It's going to be great--I'll show you when it's finished.

This horribly photographed fabric was $4 for 4 meters!
It's VERY bright--and fun!
I've already used some and will have to take pics to share with you soon.

I also got lucky and got this bright and funky set of sheets for Pumpkin.

(yes, unmade bed photo. Classy, eh?)

Oh she was sooo excited.

Apparently they are more comfortable to sleep in than any of her other sheets.... she's so all about luxury :)

Hope you're having a great week.

Maybe you'll find a bargain today!

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