Friday, May 8, 2009

Have I hinted enough?

My dear babies,

Have I hinted enough to you about what mommy likes?

Have I shared with you exactly what to tell daddy
when he asks you what to get mommy for Mother's Day?

Don't forget to show daddy the card with the phone number for the quilt shop.
(it's on the fridge).

Daddy will need help remembering which one--
maybe this photo will help.

And I'll need the matching mat to go with it.

And if you can persuade daddy to be generous
and overlook my mounting stash in the basement...

maybe just a little bit of this.

but don't push it.

If he looks like he's done then we'll just have to remember...for Christmas.



Miller Racing Family said...

I love that someone else leaves hints about gifts. I say that this way you get what you want and everyone is happy! Have a great Mother's day!

Dana said...

How'd this work out today???

Carol said...

Did you get the pretty rotary cutter & mat? It would make cutting even more fun than with a drab green or grey one.