Monday, May 11, 2009

The secret to life is in the shoes

I love shoes.
I love shopping for shoes.

I loved that line in the movie "In Her Shoes".

You know, in the beginning?

Where she says it doesn't matter how much you weigh or how tall or short you are.

Shoes always fit.

There's no arguing that shoe shopping has got to be the easiest
and most satisfying of all apparel.

There are alot of great shoes in Blogland.

Some of my favourites include the leopard ones, here,
these, (you have to scroll down a bit)
and particularly these.

Nathalie always has GREAT shoes!
When I saw her tootsies in that little red number,
I knew if I ever found them they'd have to come home with me.


They're not RED.

But they are patent leather.

they are all MINE!

p.s. for those wondering how my Mother's Day was,

well it was all I had wished for and more!


I think I see a quilt in my future...

and a trip to Jodi's shop :)

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