Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love Martha Stewart!
I actually want to BE Martha!
She and her staff have such wonderful ideas.
And their organization tips are great!
I get daily emails from Martha about all sorts of things.
oh. uh. no.
Not personal emails.
Although if she is an avid reader of my blog
and hasn't yet commented--
please do, Martha! I'd love to chat.
Back to reality.
So the other day I received in my inbox this tip about quilt keeping.
Martha says:
"To protect your heirloom quilt when it's not on display, store it in a cool place with good air circulation. Fifty-percent relative humidity is ideal, but difficult to achieve; if a room's humidity level is comfortable for you, it should be fine for your quilt. Note that quilts should never be stored in the basement or attic. Acid-free tissue paper and acid-free boxes, which are chemically neutral, will shield the textile from materials that might leach acids into the fabric -- wood, for instance. Vintage quilts should never be stored in plastic, which does not allow the fabric to breathe and can trigger the growth of mildew and mold."

See? She's brilliant!

Oh Martha

Stop by my blog anytime!

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