Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Cake

Who doesn't love cake?
Everyone loves cake.
Or at the very least, the icing.

When I was first working, I decided I needed a hobby to offset the stress of my day.
So off I went to Michaels in search of one.

Michaels is the BEST! I love it there!
I could get lost in the aisles.
Especially with a 40% OFF coupon!
Who couldn't?

Well I decided to take a cake decorating course.
I loved it. I learned a lot.
I however didn't really excel in it.

It's not that I wasn't good or that I wasn't inspired.
I just like the quick and easy--"Look! I'm an expert in one class!" approach.

So now I just dabble.
I take what I've learned and just play around.

So when I saw this on The Crafty Crow and it lead me here;
And then eventually to Bethany Actually where I found this great tutorial,
I thought--now there's a way to make a showstopping impression!
And anyone can do it!

Well I taught sunday school this past Sunday and the story was about Joseph and his coat of many colours.

(cupcake toppers courtesy of Nana for Valentine's day)
Yes! They really were that bright!
And I think all the colours made them taste better.
The kids LOVED them!

So I had lots of icing leftover.
Grandma was coming today for a Mother's Day Tea with Pumpkin at Preschool.
Let's make cake!

So we did!
Beautiful cake!

With what was supposed to be rainbow icing...
But when you s-p-r-e-a-d rainbow icing instead of pipe rainbow icing,
you get muddy brown icing with a hint of rainbow.

Doesn't matter.
Pumpkin had fun.
And Grandma felt so special.

And the little Happy Mother's Day topper?

Well I made it from this free printable tag.
I made it smaller and printed 2.
Cut them out and glued them together with a toothpick sandwiched inside.

Talk about pizzazz!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!

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