Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not for the faint of heart...

I recently had 2 wisdom teeth taken out.
They were impacted and it was atrocious!
Not the surgery.
I worked as a dental assistant/receptionist before Pumpkin and Bubby were born so I knew what I was getting myself into.
But still---horrible, wicked, atrocious!

After all is said and done, I'm fine now.
Minus 2 teeth.

I asked them if I could keep them to show my children.

Pumpkin was so excited to see them.
I was barely out of the car, gauze in mouth,
and she was begging me to "see 'em!"

Pretty cool, really.

When I was feeling somewhat better I thought I'd take a closer look at them.
Bubby wanted a chance to look them over too.

I didn't see any harm in letting him take a look.
(he is nearly 2)

I look away to stir the soup--
turn back and
"where are the teeth, Pumpkin?"

She doesn't know.

"Where are the teeth Bubby?"
A big smile spreads and I see them stick out like chewing gum in his mouth.

"pop, pop"



He spits them out and they're both there and in one piece.
And now they are also very clean.


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