Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Palooza!

Happy 2nd Birthday,


A birthday story in pictures...
(with captions because I just can't stop myself from narrating)

(photo courtesy of

You are invited to a CAR WASH Birthday Party!

Bring a ride on toy to wash...

Search for cars in the OOBLECK to wash...

Finished the pinata around midnight with Hubby's help.
Thanks Honey :)
When we hit it to get the candy out,
Bubby was so shocked about the "broke" car
he hesitated to collect any candy.
poor guy
And the cake....


Thought of Tanya, when I was making this :)
Thank you Carol for the cake book :)
Bubby loved it all!
(even the pinata)

I even did some sewing for the party....

A car banner for the patio decor....

We asked for food donations for our local food bank
and T-shirts for an African mission trip in lieu of gifts.
Bubby received an abundance of donations!
5 lbs of clothing
and an entire laundry basket of food!
All in all,
very successful and fun 2nd birthday!


Sandra said...

What a great idea to ask for donations in lieu of gifts!! I have to remember this for the next birthday party.
P.S.: There is a giveaway on my blog,come and try your luck...

Heather said...

What a great party!! Congrats on your two year olds party - sounds like fun was had by all.

Miller Racing Family said...

What a totally fun birthday. Trey and I both loved the cake. Trey even said he needed one for his birthday next year. So beware I might be requesting the details. I totally love the banner, so cute. The donations are so wonderful, and such a great idea. It seems as many kids have way to much these days, while others are doing with out. Overall, totally cool party theme and that is from a racing family!

Karen said...

This looks like it was a fabulous party - the idea of the car wash is great - I bet the kids loved it.
Very sweet to ask for donations rather than gifts too.