Monday, July 13, 2009

What a week!

In a way,
I sure am glad it's Monday and we can start fresh!
So here it is,
my week in a nutshell....
The Mother Ship landed and brought with her the
(more on this later)
We went to visit the new baby in the family
--BABY "S"
Did a little shopping at the Sally Ann
(got board games for the kids 50 cents!)
Went to a funeral
--very sad for everyone involved
(more on that later)

Had a family baby shower at my house!!
(will share more soon)
Had fish n' chips and ice cream sundaes
Nana's treat!!
painted our nails and drank cherry limeades,
sat on the porch and read.
Celebrated Bubby's soon to be Birthday!
(thanks mom--and Fisher-Price!)
Fun family bike rides.
Watched "Amazing Grace"
seriously recommend it!

Mom left this morning to go see my bro and sil
and of course BABY "S"
Of course we're all sad,
but all good things must come to an end.:(
And we'll see her again in August.
This time on HER turf!
Can't wait!
Drive safe mom!
I did a little sewing too....

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