Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrating BABY "S"

He's sweet,
he's cuddly,
he's their first,
and we needed an excuse for a party!

so a baby shower was born!

It was fun to have everyone over.

When I say everyone I mean my whole side of the family.
Which isn't much.

10 adults.
4 kids
and a newborn
2 dogs.
and a little bit of mayhem.

But what we lack in numbers
we make up for in LOTS of fun!

As it was a mixed shower we played only 1 game.

wouldn't want the guys to lose interest

They loved it!
even the men folk!!

so here it is.

There are a number of questions pertaining to the new parents
and the baby.

All the answers are the name of a candy.

I bought 25 candy/chocolate bars.
displayed them on a tray and let everyone
study them for 1 minute.

took it away and then handed out the questions.

I'm not going to say there was no grumbling.
there was.

and that there were no hints given.
there were.

but all in all a complete success.

Here are the questions I used and there candy bar counter parts.

(You could probably come up with more
or different ones to suit other themes
but you get the idea.)

1. what ____ said when he found out ___ was pregnant? (Skor)

2. What did ____ change when she first became pregnant? (Eat More)

3. Cost of diapering a baby? (DoubleMint)

4. Umbilical cord... (Twizzlers)

5. How big was ____ when he/she was born? (Foot Long)

6. Epidural... (LifeSavers)

7. Preemie... (Runts)

8. 11 pound baby... (Whoppers)

9. Triplets... (3 Musketeers)

10. Poop-y diaper? (Tootsie Roll)

11. What dad does when he sees baby looks like him? (Snickers)

12. Chubby Baby... (Rolo)

13. Baby's first drink? (Milky way/Milkfuls/Milk Duds)

14. What mom felt like the first time she bathed baby? (Butterfinger)

15. Girl's name? (Baby Ruth/Sweet Marie)

16. Hours of sleep parents have gotten since baby arrived? (Zero)

17. What baby needs lots of? (Hershey's Kisses)

18. Twin boys names? (Mike and Ike)

19. What daddy feels like now that he has a baby? (Mr. Big)

20. What no parent wants their children to be? (Nerds)

21. What you fear when you walk around the highchair? (Crunch/Crunchie)

22. Boy's Name? (Oh! Henry)

23. Where mom and dad walk when baby won't sleep? (Halls)

24. What baby is not? (Cry Baby)

25. Gifted toddlers? (Smarties)

At the end see who got the most right.

Then everyone gets to take their choice of treat off the tray.

And what did I give to this new baby??
Well I did end up making one fabric baby block.

It was 6 inches square and I added teethers and rings to it that I had salvaged
from another baby toy destined for the trash.

REduce, REuse, REcycle!

It was super easy to put together using this tutorial

and it took less than an hour start to finish.

I even snuck in some bells when I was stuffing it, for some extra sensory development--or just to make it sound it pretty :)

My mom did the handsewing to close it up because she's just better at it than I am!
thanks mom!

Welcome BABY "S"!

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Miller Racing Family said...

I loved the candy bar game. We have played this at a few of the showers I have been to. I love the fabric ball, what a great idea and homemade which is even better.