Monday, July 20, 2009



2 packets cherry Kool-Aid (unsweetened)

1 1/3 cups boiling water

1 1/3 cups sugar

2 cans (355 ml each) limeade concentrate (semi-frozen)

ice cubes

sprite / 7-UP

Pour boiling water over Kool-Aid and sugar.

Stir to dissolve.

Stir in a handful or two of ice cubes and stir to melt in.

Add limeade syrup and stir to melt in.

Refrigerate for up to 5 days.


Fill glass to brim with ice cubes or crushed ice. Pour limeade syrup over ice and allow about an inch to settle on the bottom (depending on your size of glass could be 2-4 tbsp). Fill with Sprite and serve with a straw.

For fun you can drop maraschino cherries in the bottom of the glass and arrange a lime wedge on the rim.



I served this at the baby shower and it was a big hit!

Happy summer!


krissybizz said...

This sounds so good! Just one question...what is the size of the limeade cans...the small ones or the bigs ones? Have you ever tried a little nip of something strong thrown in, like maybe vodka? Can't wait to try it!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, this sounds wonderful. I will print this right off, as our Sonic is under construction, so we are missing our limeades. This will hit the spot.
Have a great day!

Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

oh my heck! i LOVE cherry limeade! Only can find it at Walmart like 25 miles away! I am totally going to try this.