Monday, July 27, 2009

Pinata 101

I have received quite a few questions regarding pinata making....
I have to say first off that
I am NOT an expert!

I made my first pinata ever last year
after googling
"how to make a pinata?"

A picture of last years crocodile pinata.

The only tips I can provide are on what not to do...

Do not hang it from 1 string...
do have several strings hanging it to balance the weight

Do not use newspaper for your last paper mache layer...
do use unprinted paper so that it won't show through your tissue or painting

Do not use white glue to apply crepe paper or tissue when decorating...
do use a glue stick

Do NOT start your pinata 4 days before your party...

This results in having to find a way to dry your pinata really fast...
Like in your oven....

do not try this at home-- only crazed lunatics do this.
I did this.
case. in. point.

I feel my first ever tutorial coming on...

1. take out all oven racks.

2. place 1 oven rack as low as possible in said oven.
3. squeeze pinata into oven.

4. shut oven door. shove the door with your hip if necessary.

5. put your oven on the lowest convection heat possible (mine 325 degrees)
6. Keep checking to make sure there are no flames.

7. feel temperature of wire rack. when too hot to the touch--take pinata out IMMEDIATELY.
8. leave oven door open to allow heat to escape.

9. when oven has cooled and rack feels just warm shove pinata back in and shut the door.

10. keep checking.

RESULTS: 1 dry pinata

Take it from me...

DO leave yourself and the pinata ample time to be completed.

like I said, I am not an expert

...but it worked.


djaj said...

I just love your tutorial !!!!
I should soon manage to show the one I did recently... But I didn't even thought of drying it in the oven and it took me 3 weeks to have it done !

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Wow! I can't believe you made that. It's so cute.

Sure, you can feature my party. That would be great! Thanks for asking:-)

Mr and Mrs M said...

Oh my goodness, I'm laughing at your pictures of the pinata in your oven!
Great job though, I would never think to make one myself.


Fabulous! AND a GOOD chuckle too!