Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The threads that hold me together...

Well the ties that bind me,
keep me in place,
hold my sanity at a reachable distance,
let go a little this last week.

I lost someone, that I truly treasured.

My "Uncle" Tom.
Not really my relative but as close as one could be.
He and his family have been a fixture in my life since before my birth.
It would have been hard for anyone not to love him.

He was my father's best friend.
The husband of my mother's best friend.

My mom and he were fishing buddies.

Uncle Tom passed on to be with the Lord.
He had been battling a rare type of blood cancer (myeloma??)
(Cancer is so UGLY!)

He leaves behind a wife and soulmate.
4 daughters and 2 son in laws
(another to marry next year)
5 grandchildren
His youngest daughter had a baby less than a week before he died.

Her first child.

The Lord had a plan.
That baby was 3 weeks early.

Uncle Tom held on until she came.
What a blessing.
My poor mother has relived my father's passing through her best friends.

So have I.

Incredibly hard.
To the point I'd rather avoid it.

In less than 2 years since my dad passed away,
he and Tom are together again-
in Heaven.

They're probably cooking up a huge feast together up there
to feed all the angels.

My dad and Uncle Tom used to do all the cooking.
Uncle Tom taught me how to fry an egg at one of
the famous Easter Breakfast's at our church.

"Kelly, you need lots of butter in that pan..."
Lots of memories.

Here's a pic of my dad with his beloved crockpot.

This is why I love the Crockpot Tuesday posts at Miller Racing Family

And here is our dog in hopes of something falling on the floor!

Now with Uncle Tom gone
It makes me miss dad more.

Yeah. It's hard.

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