Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This bag is made from an old T-shirt.
It says "Trix are for kids"

I know that this is not a new idea.

But I'll tell you why I love it.
It was sooooo easy to make.
Like 5 minutes easy.

It s t r e t c h e s to hold a lot!

It's wonderful for kids.


Well if it gets damaged (it won't)
then you just cut up another old T-shirt.

If it gets dirty (it will)
you just throw it in the wash.

I did a little stitch around the edges of the sleeves just so they wouldn't get stretched out.
I also boxed the bottom.

As you can see I use it to hold
about a kazillion cars.

We take these cars to the park.
I got them from the Sally Ann for $5
for 3 grocery bags nearly full!

If we lose some we don't care.

It works.
And I love it.
Got a cool old T-shirt?
Make it into a bag.

1 comment:

Miller Racing Family said...

Totally great idea. This would make the perfect bag to take to the race track. Thanks for passing along the great idea!