Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quilt along and OOPS #2 AND #3

The strips were sewn!
Lookin' good!!

The blocks were cut,
and then


OOPS # 2 and #3

If you can't tell from the pic

I cut 2 squares too small.

My blocks were supposed to be 11.5"

I ended up cutting 1 a half inch too small

and the other a whole inch too small!!

What was I thinking?!!


In this photo,

if you count the blocks I have a skinny and long quilt.

After taking this pic I realized I had enough blocks add more length

so now it's even skinnier and l o n g e r!

I want to be skinny--NOT my quilt!!!

I think it's inevitable.

I must make 2 more blocks.

Problem is that I only have boring fabric left.

None of the designer stuff.


how is my quilt along going?

I'm loving it!!


Miller Racing Family said...

I loved the comment about being skinny and long.
No matter what your quilt looks great. I love the colors.
Have a great day!

Mr and Mrs M said...

This is what my mother says whenever we make a mistake quilting:

"A blind man would be very happy to see it!"

The quilt is coming together beautifully!