Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NOTE: Giveaway hiding at the bottom of this post

I have done like 60 something posts and have felt honoured that someone
out there is reading them.

Although, for me,
blogging is alot like talking...

Just because you're not listening,
doesn't mean I stop talking...
hee hee
(those who truly know me just peed themselves laughing)

But it feels good to have an audience
and I don't want to take you for granted

so I put together a little "somethin somethin"
for my peeps....

seriously always wanted to say "peeps"
--now I just need a "posse" and I'm all set!

I digress.

Oh. Um. the point.

So anyways,
I have 20 super duper people who have
made the astout choice to follow my little ol' blog...

And a random draw says

is going to get a new bookmark!
But wait...
I also LOVE comments!

(and I have 2 bookmarks)

and so I went back through to see who has made the most comments thus far and Tanya from

wins a bookmark as well!

Thank you all for stopping by
and I hope you continue!

And remember that banner I made for Bubby's birthday?

Well I would like to do a giveaway!

Would you like that?
A transportation banner and
I think I'll even throw in some extra fabric.

this is how we'll do it:
1 entry for commenting on this post
an extra entry for becoming or already being a follower
5 extra entries for blogging about this giveaway
Please make a separate comment for each on this post so I can easily keep track.
I'll keep the giveaway open until midnight Sunday
(August 2nd)
"Canadian" time
and will do the draw on Monday.
**This giveaway is open to anyone, international included
Thanks for dropping by!


Ariane said...

I love the little banner, it's so cute. I would love to enter your giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Ariane said...

I'm now an official follower. I've been following you by using my quilting blog list for a little while. I love your blog. Thanks for all you share.

Margaret said...

So cute. I would love a banner for my son's room.

Margaret said...

I am a follower.

djaj said...

Hey, a giveaway ! and I can play, too ! It's just great !
You 'talk' through your blog I when I read you I just feel like I can "hear" you... I'm fond of your style ! I'm a follower since May Giveaway Day and if you have time to visit my blog, you will soon see a bilingual post translated just for YOU !

djaj said...

Aah, separate comments... Well, you've got to know you have a french follower :o)

Miller Racing Family said...

Oh, how fun. I love the book mark. I also love the fact that I won something. I never win anything. I am so serious, I sometimes want to say can I pay you just to let me win.
I totally love your blog and I totally agree the blog land makes a great audience.
Thanks again and have a fabulous day!

Sandra said...

It is still monday isn`t it? Thank you for your giveaway. Its a long time since I`d like to make a banner for Léo`s room but this could be an faster way ;)..!

Valerie said...

It's past mindnight (it's a long weekend eh, I was at the cottage!) but I'll comment anyway and let you know that, long weekends aside, I'm reading :)